8 Safe bathing tips for your baby

Bathing your baby is a wonderful and an enjoyable experience both for mom and dad but extreme care is needed while bathing your baby. Try to select that time for bathing your baby when you are least disturbed and you can focus entirely on your baby. Many new born babies show disinterest when you give [...]


How to soothe a crying baby?

Your baby is small and cannot speak any language and the only one language he knows is to cry. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to know why the baby is crying. So, it is your responsibility to understand the reason and soothe a crying baby and never hit or shake your baby when he is [...]

Baby Hygiene Tips: Every Parent should know

As our personal hygiene is important, baby hygiene is also important to keep them happy and healthy.  Every parent naturally protects their baby from germs, like sterilizing baby’s feeding bottle, use anti bacterial soaps etc to keep our baby germ free as germs leads to many diseases.  Still, many suffer from allergies, because without being [...]

Are Baby Slingers Safe?

Your joy knows no bounds when your baby is in your arms after waiting for nine long months. Along with that you also want your baby to be safe while handling. When your baby is couple of months old, people mostly carry them in their arms, but the best option is baby slingers that are [...]

Infant Massages, How to Give perfact massage to your Baby?

Importances of infant massages are as follows- Massaging your baby improves bonding between you and your infant. It also improves his sleep, relaxes his muscles, digestion, immune system. It can also elevate gas and help the infant during teething pain. It not only soothes your baby but also stimulates weight gain in premature babies.  It helps [...]

5 ways to buy safe toys for baby

Our joy knows no bound when our little bundle arrives. And along with comes the responsibility of the baby, what to feed, how to bathe etc.  When the baby grows little and reaches around 5-6 months, he starts putting everything in his mouth. As at this age he tries to explore each and everything by [...]

5 baby skin care tips for winters

Baby’s skin is soft, delicate and sensitive and is very different from skin of adults.  Therefore, baby’s skin is not used to deal with chemicals and other harmful products.  Parents and guardians should be more careful with the baby’s skin and follow baby skin care tips provided by doctors. You can easily follow the baby [...]

6 ways to make your baby sleep all night long.

Don’t you wish that your baby sleep all night long? Read more to know. Well, after nine months of waiting, you finally have your little bundle of joy in your arms. You thought now finally you can relax and enjoy your long walks without feeling like a duck. But your baby keeps you awake in [...]

How to bathe your baby?

After waiting for nine months when the baby arrives, along with joy we want to know the little-little things about baby, like, changing nappies, bathing, feeding etc. And as far as bathing is concerned proper care and precaution has to be taken as babies are very delicate and fully depend on us. We can make [...]

Baby Crawling: Safety Tips

Are you enjoying seeing your baby crawl?? Yes! It’s amazing and happy tears out of your eyes. All this is not enough you need to ensure safety for your baby when she starts Crawling. In Bathroom Here are few guidelines that you could put into action. 1) Fill the tub with water only till it [...]