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6 ways to make your baby sleep all night long.

Don’t you wish that your baby sleep all night long? Read more to know. Well, after nine months of waiting, you finally have your little bundle of joy in your arms. You thought now finally you can relax and enjoy your long walks without feeling like a duck. But your baby keeps you awake in [...]


Baby Sleep: Introductory 6-9 months

Baby Sleep Babies sleep for 11 ½ to 15 hrs a day at the age of 6 months. They are even capable of more Baby Sleep at a stretch. Usually at this age babies divide their daytime sleep into two naps, one at morning and the other at night. It is not a matter of [...]

Cry It Out Technique: baby sleep way

The Cry It Out Technique is often misinterpreted as to leave the babies to cry alone till they fall asleep. But it is not that way, rather the method suggests that it is absolutely okay to let your baby cry for a short time before you comfort him or her. As written by pediatrician Richard [...]